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    I'm Erik Olson and I love hockey. I started playing as a wee mite, but stopped playing in organized leagues in high school. A few years ago I started playing again in a couple of beer leagues, so I had to go out and buy all new equipment. The one piece of gear that ended up blowing out inside of a year was my hockey bag. The seams tore and the fabric ripped in a couple spots, so I decided to go out and get a really nice bag that would last a long time to replace it. 

    After looking around for the perfect bag, it seemed like nobody was putting much effort into equipment bags. There were a lot of bags made from cheap materials. These bags looked like afterthoughts of large companies focused on their flagship sticks or skates. Then there were “pro” style bags that were slightly higher quality but lacked any sort of features. No one was selling a bag constructed from the best materials combined with features tailored to beer league players. 

    I pitched the idea of creating a top shelf hockey bag to my friend Lars, an industrial designer with experience designing hard and soft goods for dozens of companies in the outdoor industry. 

    Our flagship bag, the Mammoth IPA, was born. After successfully launching the IPA Bag on Kickstarter (video below) we continued to work on more thoughtful, durable products for hockey players, coaches and referees.

    All bags are crafted in Spokane, WA, by people who care. Thank you so much for supporting Mammoth Hockey.


    Erik and Lars